Want Real and Unbiased News? Look No Further!

The news used to give you factual, unbiased information that allowed you to form your own opinion. Now the news force-feeds you opinions and it’s up to you to try deciphering fact from fiction. We want this to end!

We will rate articles based on three categories. 

First, whether the information in the article is accurate. If quotes are taken out of context, if information is left out, etc.

Second, whether the feel of the article is biased. This is done by having one person from each of the top five political parties assess the fairness of the article. Independents will not be included, as they could perfectly align with another party and skew the vote. This gives us a greater representation of the entire political spectrum, instead of having four people from one party and then a moderate from the opposing party to make it “unbiased”.

Third, whether the headline is straightforward. Some headlines are meant to illicit an emotional response or sway your thought before you’ve even read the article. 

This gives us an overall grade that is based on the opinions of the researchers so you can see which article is the most universally trusted. 

It’s time to be given factual information and the opportunity to form your own opinions once again!

**All grades are the opinions of the graders, there are 3 graders per team. One left leaning, one centrist and one right leaning person to have equal representation across the board, giving us the most non-partisan responses we can get!**

New York fund to publicly apologize for its role in Tuskegee syphilis study

Overall Rating: A- Accuracy Rating: B Biased Rating: A Headline Rating: A


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